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Designing meaningful solutions with

ServiceNow & Splunk

Areas of expertise

  • IT Workflows
  • Customer Workflows
  • Custom apps

Areas of expertise

  • Security & digital resilience
  • Cloud migration
  • Observability
  • Custom apps

Transforming your business

Our growing team of highly skilled Splunk & ServiceNow experts is focused on designing digitalization, security, analytics, and AI & ML solutions to enable you become more efficient, competitive, and impactful. Check out some of our services and solutions below.

Telemedicine Monitoring Solution

Revolutionizing patient care through intuitive scheduling, wearable device integration, and predictive analytics. This solution is paving the way for a proactive and data-driven approach to healthcare.
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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Streamline all customer service workflows, automate operations and enable your teams to provide an outstanding customer service experience at all times.

ServiceNow IT Service Management

Increase productivity, streamline IT operations, and create a resilient organisation. Sync your tools and processes into a single system to become more efficient and agile.

Splunk E2E Operations Visibility 

Achieve business resilience and get a complete overview of all systems, devices & transactions at your organisation with this Splunk observability solution.

Splunk Implementation Services

We will help you implement Splunk into your business the right way to make the most of your Splunk investment, right from the start.


We are BRIGHT: a team of dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable professionals who work together to deliver excellence for your business.

Boris Kadev

ServiceNow Technical Team Lead

petar trifonov bright splunk

Petar Trifonov

Splunk Technical Team Lead

Kristina Borisova

Service Director ServiceNow

Ivan Pirishanchin


Your future is BRIGHT

Ready to join a team of passionate go-getters who care about each other? Our workplace is anything but mundane, boasting a fun and unique vibe where everyone shares in the success and can leave their mark.

What our clients say

I’m impressed with BRIGHT team’s advisory approach, clear communication, ability to deliver end-to-end solutions, and commitment to achieve tangible results aligned with business objectives.

Thomas Eder

ServiceNow Platform Owner

A1 Telekom Austria streamlines its ITSM and ITOM processes on ServiceNow and improves operational efficiency

Leveraging the platform’s capabilities, BRIGHT delivered a personalized solution tailored to Mondelēz multi-tenant Technology Center’s needs. Together we improved the security framework to align it more closely with established industry standards, mitigate cybersecurity risk and ensure compliance. The framework is sustainable and ready to scale with the organization and its needs.

Ramadan Tairov

Information Security Governance And Strategy

Security Policies and Standards Lifecycle Management for Improved Corporate Compliance at Mondelēz International

We would not have achieved success, as we did in such short timeframe and against extreme pressure, had we not had BRIGHT’s team onboard and their effectiveness as a high performing team.

Programme Director Media & Secure Services

BBC Transforms ITSM Processes with Service Focus and Process Efficiency

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