This December, we’re having a busy holiday season at BRIGHT.
We’re closing another successful year, thanks to all members of the BRIGHT team, who have, once more, shown that teamwork and dedication are the keys to success.

As the year is coming to an end, our office is brimming with excitement – and we’ve also decorated it beautifully, thanks to Kalina Radovska, our lovely Office Manager, and everyone who participated. Together, we’ve created a warm, cheerful ambiance, which is helping counterbalance the cold and cloudy winter days outside.
And we also had a few events to mark the holiday season, celebrate our achievements, and simply spend time together.

Earlier this month we had a blast at our annual End-of-Year party, where the BRIGHT team got together to celebrate each other’s successes and achievements from 2021. We’re here, thanks to the hard work, dedication, and team effort of all our team members, so we were very excited to hand out our annual awards, too.
Teamwork & mentorship: Ivelin Mavrodiev, a ServiceNow Solution Architect, is our Colleague and Mentor of the Year
Ivelin Mavrodiev, one of our ServiceNow Solution Architects, got two of our awards: he was named Colleague of the Year and Mentor of the Year, for his tireless dedication to enabling everyone to achieve their goals, tackle challenges, and make progress together.

I am thankful to BRIGHT for the trust and the opportunities I’ve been getting for 5 years now, and I believe being an Employee of the year is truly a reflection of that.”, Ivelin said, “Working with intelligent and open-minded people really lifts me up and I am glad I have the pleasure to be a mentor of all newcomers.”

Teamwork is at the core of our success at BRIGHT, and we can confidently say we’re strongest as a team. We’re striving to create a supportive work environment and work together as much and as often as we can, in tightly-knit business units, which helps us achieve more than what any of us could achieve on our own.
Athletic performance & motivation: Maya Staneva, our Creative Manager, got our Sport Star of the Year award
Maya Staneva, our Creative Manager, is BRIGHT’s Sport Star of the Year, for her sports achievements, where she’s always aiming to both outperform herself and motivate others.
“I love working at a place where I can use my lunchbreak to go for a run at the park. Really helps me to prepare for marathons”, Maya said, “Looking forward to our next team marathon!”

Our employees’ health and well-being are among our top priorities, which is why we celebrate our sports achievements – and many of us are doing sports together, too.
In the past year we’ve been hiking, running, swimming, and playing beach volleyball together, and we even set out on a mission to clean up, restore, and improve the park area of Yavorova meadow, to support our community and help preserve nature.
Our CEO Angel Kanchev completed the Vitosha 100 Ultramarathon, while Iliyana Ivanova, one of our most enthusiastic runners, created an online space for all running enthusiasts at BRIGHT to connect. In the nearby park, you can even often spot BRIGHTers doing a 5k run during their lunch break.

Gift-giving is one of the many ways we like to show appreciation for all team members, so we organized a gift-wrapping workshop, and we also had a holiday brunch with Secret Santa.
At the workshop, we were busy packing gifts and having fun together. At the brunch, we took the time to enjoy each other’s company, chat about our personal wins and our plans for the next year, and, of course, exchange presents: everyone received gifts from both the company and their Secret Santa.

Of course, the holiday season is all about spending time with our families, too, so we had a Christmas party for all our employees’ kids: outdoors ice-skating and gift-giving made everyone’s day, of parents and kids alike.