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While working on a number of global service management implementations in the last 15 years, we stumbled upon localization in multiple languages as a showstopper for global teams’ collaboration. Manual translations of new languages can take up to 14 days аnd then there is the challenge of how to maintain these translations in the long run.

ServiceNow out-of-the-box plugins support a limited number of languages and provide limited content coverage. There is no fully automated translation capability and we spent hundreds of hours to translate the platform in a new language, without touching the content that users create.

Locawise is an innovative ServiceNow global translation app that efficiently translates the ServiceNow platform with any content in any language. The app automates the translation of the entire ServiceNow Portal and thus reduce manual translation effort. It enables stakeholders to suggest, approve, and apply translations with ease while saving time.

Locawise capabilities and key features

BRIGHT ServiceNow translation app allows companies to translate their entire instance to as many languages as they need. With Locawise, all content created by the users is translated dynamically in more than 100 languages with just a couple of minutes of configuration, saving time and effort in manual translation.

Locawise relies on two types of automation:

  • Single source of truth – Pre-defined dictionary with the available phrases as a reference for all future translations;
  • Dynamic translation – Combination of dictionary and automatic translations.

The application covers a large range of use-case scenarios, allowing natively looking, automatic translations of table records, knowledgebase articles, system messages. Users can easily create new languages, not only limited to I18N plugins.

Locawise and I18N plugins

Our mission is to provide a complete, seamless localization of the whole ServiceNow Portal. Locawise does not collide with ServiceNow language plugins. It extends their functionality and goes beyond their capabilities to provide additional benefits for the client, automating the localization of ServiceNow instances. If an organization has integrated ServiceNow language extension, Locawise can be installed to automate the translations of the selected language.

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