How to Quickly Compare ServiceNow Platform Users

Apr 27, 2021

Article by Kristian Dimitrov,

Senior Solution Architect at BRIGHT

Following the first post of the series – How to Speed Up ServiceNow Troubleshooting, we are now sharing another tool that can help answer some common questions about the Now Platform. Questions like “Can I get the same access as user X?” or “Why I don’t have access to the record while user Y does?”.

ServiceNow User Comparison is a tool built as a single page application on the ServiceNow Portal. It’s primarily focused on helping ServiceNow administrators compare details of two platform users – ‘Base User’ and ‘Compare to User’. And what is more – without manually navigating through several tables and forms trying to identify the differences between the users.

With the app, we can quickly obtain the details we need for the compared users. Here is more information about the different sections of the application.

Base User Information and Organization Information

These two sections provide the main details of the compared users. Besides, you will receive quick links to the user records on the Platform. The fields you need to compare could be easily updated using the Widget Options.

Role Section

The role section lists the compared users’ roles with a handy option to hide the matching ones. In that way, we can see all roles related to the compared users. What’s more, you can easily identify the differences between them.

Group Section

This section shows users’ groups with their roles and the same option to hide the matching ones.

User Criteria

The last section of the form shows the matching user criteria against the selected users.

If you find this tool useful and you would like to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact our team. We would love to tell you more and support your ServiceNow initiatives.

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