BRIGHT Partners with DataRobot to Simplify Machine Learning Projects

Apr 2, 2021

Article by BRIGHT

The machine learning market is expected to reach almost $21B in 2024, according to Forbes. Still, many companies struggle with the time and cost it takes to adopt AI, the lack of data science expertise and trust in the accuracy of business predictions. So how can we speed up and simplify AI adoption?

BRIGHT is excited to announce a new partnership with DataRobot – the fastest-growing AI platform. Its bold vision to automate and accelerate every step of the journey from data to value inspires us to solve these challenges.

“Previously, the development of ML algorithms was a time-consuming and expensive process, requiring niche experts. From a technology used primarily in multi-billion companies, today, AI has become more аccessible.

What’s most impressive are the AI solutions, providing full automation of machine learning models (MLOps). These enterprise AI platforms give extremely accurate forecasts and shorten the journey from data to value. DataRobot, the leader in Automated ML, is one of the most outstanding examples.”

– Ilian Georgiev, Service Delivery Manager at BRIGHT.

What makes DataRobot unique?

Speed. DataRobot Automated ML platform allows all types of users – from data scientists to business analysts- to build, manage and deploy machine learning models in a fraction of the time. The AI platform accelerates the creation of advanced ML models and automates all mundane and repetitive activities.

Expertise. Yes, you don’t need a large team of data scientists. DataRobot automates all the complex data science tasks for you. We focus on the value that your data brings, finding the right opportunities to make a business impact from all deployed models.

Trust. Do you trust your ML predictions? With DataRobot business decisions are backed by explainable predictions so you can increase the accuracy of your forecasts.

Together BRIGHT and DataRobot join forces to speed up and simplify Machine Learning projects and turn your experimental AI project to value. We bridge the gap between human and AI, giving the power of data science in the hands of non data scientists.

Discover more about our Automated Machine Learning and AI solutions here.

About DataRobot

As the category creator and leading provider of automated machine learning, DataRobot enables businesses to remain competitive by becoming AI-driven organizations.

The DataRobot’s Enterprise AI Platform democratizes and accelerates the creation of advanced ML models and automates all the complex and time-consuming data science tasks for you. The platform maximizes business value by delivering AI at scale and continuously optimizing performance over time.

DataRobot was named to the Forbes 2020 Most Promising AI Companies lists and a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Advanced Machine Learning Software Platforms Vendor Assessment. For more information, visit

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