BRIGHT announced its partnership with the technology leader Splunk in 2018, which made the company its official partner for Bulgaria and CEE. A year later, our Splunk Competence Center grew by 300%, making it one of the fastest-growing Splunk Professional Services practices in the region.In August this year, BRIGHT became the first certified Splunk Professional Services Capability Practice for EMEA. In this regard, we plan a new, double expansion of the established Splunk Competence Center in Bulgaria.

Expanding our Splunk team with new consultants will allow us to strengthen our strategic partnership with Splunk Professional Services, offer a wider range of personalized services to our clients and meet the ever-growing demand for new ones. We strive to attract motivated engineers with a consulting approach, solid experience, and knowledge in cybersecurity”, shares Ivan Tumbev, Chief Operating Officer at BRIGHT.


BRIGHT’s mission is to help businesses improve the management of IT and business resources by providing end-to-end solutions for process optimization through digital workflows, security, and analysis with machine learning. Our certified Splunk consultants offer end-to-end security and analytics solutions, helping organizations leverage their machine data to solve critical issues in Security, IT operations, Business Applications, IoT, and more.

The high degree of certification allows us to provide high-quality services at every stage of the integration of new business and IT processes: from understanding of business needs to the precise implementation of relevant IT solutions”, says Ivan Pirishanchin, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at BRIGHT.


Machine data keeps some of the most important business information, such as:

  • System events to identify problems, resolve them faster and reduce the escalation by up to 90%;
  • Reports on the customers’ activities and behaviour to optimize the user experience;
  • Alerts for security threats to avoid massive breaches as well as indications of fraudulent activity to save costs.

Over the last few years, we had a number of challenging Splunk projects in Bulgaria and Europe for companies like A1 Bulgaria, Mondelez, and Paysafe. The speed, flexibility, and scalability of the platform have definitely contributed to their success.

In addition to the main applications for SIEM and service monitoring, we have implemented solutions that cover the needs of various business units such as Fraud Management, Compliance Automation, Asset Management. In this way, the platform’s return of investment rises, and the added value for the companies grows.

Our approach is oriented towards close partnership with our clients for leveraging the platform and implementation of innovative business solutions”, shares Assia Marinova, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at BRIGHT.