BRIGHT Is The First Recognized Splunk Professional Services Capability Practice For EMEA

BRIGHT recognition as the first and only Splunk Professional Services Capability Practice for EMEA makes us proud as BRIGHT continues its growth in the UK. In strategic partnership with Splunk Professional Services, our dedicated Splunk Competence Center grew more than 300% last year, making BRIGHT one of the fastest-growing Splunk Professional Service practices in Europe.At the heart of our success is BRIGHT Splunk expert team with countless hours spent in training, certifications and challenging projects. Our Splunk superheroes bring more than 15 years of experience in IT Security and Business Analytics. With a value-based approach, the team is always ready to make an impact on the data-driven initiatives of multi-national companies like Mondelez International, Paysafe, Dundee Precious Metals.

As a person with experience with other SIEM platforms, the biggest advantage of Splunk for me as a consultant is that it’s user-friendly and pleasant to work with. For the end-user, Splunk is intuitive, designed to be easily adopted not only by the IT but also by non-technical users and the business itself. One of the definitions of the platform I’ve heard before and remains in my mind is that “Splunk is like Google for machine data”. All of the data from an organization’s systems and applications could be stored in Splunk. And that, I would say, is Splunk’s biggest advantage.

Other benefits include the ability to identify risk and prevent problems in terms of security and IT infrastructure and to make data accessible to everyone.” – says Boris Stankov, Splunk Senior Solution Consultant at BRIGHT.


BRIGHT certified Splunk consultants provide end-to-end assessment, architecture, implementation and managed support services with an advisory approach. Leveraging the Splunk platform, together we deliver innovative solutions in areas like ITOps, Security and Anti-Fraud, Compliance and Risk Management, Advanced Business Analytics, IoT, and more.

If I have to choose one word for that special ingredient in BRIGHT’s approach that stands out – it will be Professionalism.

Each member of our team approaches each project with exceptional professionalism. From the preparation phase to the completion of the final documentation, and after that. All of this is visible for customers – our desire to help them grow and provide them with the highest quality service because we understand how important this is for them.

We understand the challenges organizations are facing and we’re always looking for the right solutions in a flexible and innovative way.

BRIGHT recognition as a Splunk Professional Services Capability Practice is a recognition of all the team’s efforts and skills. It is a pleasure to work with Splunk but working with clients is also satisfying. The feedback at the end of each project, the moment it is acknowledged that the solution you have delivered will transform the workflows of the organization in a positive way, bringing value, is incomparable. And this is also Splunk’s mission.” – says Boris.