Dundee Precious Metals Inc. is an international gold mining company dealing with the acquisition, exploration, development, mining and processing of precious metals.With its headquarters in Canada, DPM’s principal subsidiaries include two mines in Bulgaria – Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech (Chelopech) and Dundee Precious Metals Krumovgrad (Krumovgrad), along with Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb in Namibia.

For more than twenty years, Dundee Precious Metals was a closed-end fund with 75% of its investments in the gold mining industry until acquiring the two gold assets in Bulgaria. In April of 2004, DPM finalized its conversion into a gold mining company.

Dundee Precious Metals Inc. used several different information tracking systems together, which was inefficient in providing full-scale monitoring of all critical units of the two mines in Bulgaria.

What the company needed was a solution to aggregate and centralize all the important data for effective business analysis and optimized business management. This solution had to be flexible and adaptive to changes in the infrastructure and offer continuous delivery with the same quality and value as in the beginning.

Dundee Precious Metals Inc. and BRIGHT forged a strategic business relationship. Successfully completing other projects together in the past, Dundee Precious Metals chose BRIGHT as a trusted partner to develop a reporting solution of tremendous complexity, ensuring enterprise-wide data visibility. The project took two years and was based on Microsoft Power BI as the technology become a reporting platform of choice.

As part of the reporting solution, BRIGHT delivered around 200 different report pages with various content, combining descriptive and predictive analytics. These reports are visualizing data in many business areas, showing information about profitability, environment, finances, equipment, processes in the mines, processing and supply, etc.

Our team of Power BI professionals provided several trainings to introduce all stakeholders to the technology used and how it can benefit the work of DPM’s employees. These meetings resulted in a flexible and fast collection of project information, developing prototypes for better visualization, and building the right ideas about the final product. Using prototypes, BRIGHT team succeeded in identifying and visualizing the proper solution before the actual work had started.

In reporting, it is extremely important for all stakeholders to accept and adopt the solution – to justify the resources invested and utilize its maximum potential. That’s why we scheduled monthly meetings with the Power BI Champions from the Dundee Precious Metals’ team to answer their questions, give them advice and stimulate the proper internal promotion of the solution.

In the process, we strengthened our relationship as a trusted partner of Dundee Precious Metals. Data in the semantic layer of the reporting solution, along with the data models behind the reports were entrusted to BRIGHT’s team to manage.

One of the most vital elements of our approach are the seamless communication between all stakeholders and to fully understand the client, his business, the challenges he faces and his pain points.

We are aware that the strict methodology of work, proactivity and perfect planning is saving the client’s valuable time and with minimum time lost in communication, Dundee Precious Metals’ team got tangible results.

BRIGHT consultants gоt acquainted with the nature of Dundee Precious Metals’ business quickly, learned fast about the organization’s data and developed deep knowledge on the company’s processes in a short time to transform all business requirements into one powerful solution.

BRIGHT’s approach also includes assessment of the current state, strategy development, governance, processes and procedures establishment. Our team maintained detailed documentation and had predefined project procedures for continuous support and improvements, mitigating the resources needed when integrating new data sources or making changes in existing ones.

As a result of the collaboration with BRIGHT, Dundee Precious Metals had gained full visibility of all processes, procedures, events, and indicators for both mines in Chelopech and Krumuvgrad. Data showing the usage of the Power BI reporting solution today is eloquent – if a year ago we had several hundred views by tens of employees, today we have several thousand views by hundreds of employees per month.

BRIGHT delivered solution suitable for both senior and middle management, and also employees at an operational level. The overall project allowed people at Dundee Precious Metals to manage their business more efficiently and make educated decisions based on real data. The visibility that the reporting solution ensured now benefits the productivity on all levels of the organization. A conclusion could be made that today, this solution effectively benefits the business management of the organization.