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case study slide one

A large global media company producing the highest quality content through print, digital, video and social platforms.

Our customer’s portfolio includes many of the world’s most respected and influential magazines, as well as a film, television and premium digital video programming.

Headquartered in New York and London, the company has more than a billion consumers in over 32 markets. BRIGHT was selected as the UK ServiceNow partner to deliver a Global Support transformation program on the ServiceNow platform.

With offices all around the world and 8000 employees across its markets, the media company used a different set of services management tools, processes, ways of working and integrations to other applications. Their support lacked visibility and there was no connection between different entities in different locations.

What the business needed was a common service management platform operating across multiple countries and in multiple languages to promote a standard way of working with a unified process and a consistent and positive experience for the end-users.

Key challenges:

  • The opaqueness of the information about how the organization is providing support and what is connected to the network;
  • Decisions based on local needs and strategies with no consistency;
  • No connection between support organizations.

The ServiceNow platform was chosen as a common service management solution. What is critical for a successful global transformation is identifying the right partner who had the expertise not just in the product but with an implementation approach ready to react to change request and increase of scope, being flexible and agile.

BRIGHT was chosen as a ServiceNow implementation partner with the right expertise in ITSM, ITOM and Vendor Risk management specific areas. During the year and a half journey, BRIGHT delivered a major ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM transformation program across ten countries within the client’s environment. The goal of the project was to implement a single, common solution for a number of different service management tools with a global translation in 10 languages, ensuring efficient processes and flawless operations:

  • Incident and Problem Management;
  • Service Request Management;
  • Knowledge Management;
  • Integrations;
  • Service Level Management;
  • CMDB and Configuration Management;
  • Change and Release Management;
  • Contract Management;
  • Asset Management;
  • Digital Workplace.

Through the discovery phase, we had the key message – not to customize, aiming at a common and consistent toolset and way of providing support. Thanks to the strong sponsorship by the client, we were able to align and drive this message through.

We implemented an IT self-service portal for all employees and a service management back-end system for the support teams, translated into 10 languages. The project teams designed a customized approach for each of the three types of markets – small, large, and a market, requiring a translation. This allowed a smoother and quicker implementation, made the solution scalable, ensured high-quality and that the customer requirements are met.

What is needed for a successful ServiceNow deployment from the process and the technical side is a clear plan, common goals, specific requirements and architecture all feeding into a working technical blueprint aligning BRIGHT and customer stakeholders.

What made a key difference in the project execution was BRIGHT’s proactive and customer-focused approach. The team aimed towards constant alignment with the customer, realistic goals and expectations, and practical implementation. We see work with each customer as having a common goal and working as one with their team to ensure the final result is better than expected.

First and most important in such projects is to analyze the current state, consult about best practices, utilize integrations and consult how the processes and integrations can be implemented in the platform. Then it is time for design, implementation and release of the new tool.

Crucial for the success of the project was BRIGHT team’s ability to flex resources and expertise to accommodate every change in the process, our constant collaboration with the customer and strong internal communication.

Centralized solution on the ServiceNow platform, localized for all different markets but providing one single source for support and collaboration. The solution ensures centralized data management and increased visibility for the business leaders and decision-makers, making them constantly aware of the global organization’s status.

The organization now has more consumers of the data in ServiceNow with access to credible, real-time information. The solution provides not only change management and impact assessment but also the ability to understand risk, vulnerabilities and exposure.

  • One single support portal using ServiceNow in the native global catalogue;
  • Consistent end-user experience when interacting with the support organisation;
  • Processes aligned with best practices and ensuring support needs are met;
  • Self- Service and Request Management for both IT and non-IT users;
  • Improved measurement and reporting on key IT processes and KPIs;
  • Using ServiceNow Discovery, populate CMDB and Asset Management to assess the impact on change requests, assess threats & vulnerabilities and obtain a full profile of IT landscape to support decision making;
  • Ability to continually improve the service and extend as the business requires;
  • Achieved visibility across IT.