Increase in team collaboration


Main product lines configured


Reduction in Service Delivery time


Faster support responses


Serving over 25,000 customers across 132 countries, Getinge stands tall with a robust product catalogue. Their objective? Streamlined interactions between customers, partners, and manufacturers. This is where our solution, leveraging the ServiceNow CSM, came into play.

Navigating the complexities of the medical device lifecycle, Getinge’s vision was clear – they sought a digital transformation that would not only streamline operations but also amplify the value they deliver to their B2B clients. Here’s a breakdown of their key objectives:

  • Synchronized Product Catalog: Centralize numerous product lines under one comprehensive catalog, bringing uniformity and efficiency.
  • Uniting Support Units: Move away from siloed operations. By having a single platform, Getinge’s support units aimed to operate with harmonized processes and datasets.
  • Enhanced Support & Equipment Lifecycle Processes: Leveraging the unified platform to refine support processes and introduce an equipment lifecycle process tailored for different product lines.
  • Revamping the Global Customer Service Operation: Facilitating faster and more intuitive team collaboration by harnessing the power of the unified ServiceNow platform.
  • B2B Customer Self-serve Portal: A paramount goal was the creation of a singular self-serve portal for all B2B customers, promising improved services and swift delivery.
  • Predictive Analytics & Proactive Operations: Transition from reactive to proactive operations using advanced ServiceNow features – all on one platform.

The journey commenced with configuring data models for two primary product lines – IWS and Magic. By adhering to the ServiceNow Implementation Methodology, our team had the application up, tested, and running in mere months. Recognizing Getinge’s global reach, subsequent rounds of enhancement saw local units integrated onto the ServiceNow CSM. This strategic move streamlined first-line support cases and transitioned initial onboarded teams to a second-line product support role. An invaluable improvement was the synchronization of product line data models from Getinge’s Master Data Management application, emphasizing our commitment to continual improvement.

Achievements were substantial. Two primary product lines are now fully configured, offering self-serve options for B2B customers. Cases are expertly managed by two support tiers, with product data models being consistently synchronized from their primary source.

In a world where change is inevitable, having an adaptable platform like ServiceNow is invaluable. With the expertise of Bright Consulting, Getinge could seamlessly migrate, innovate, and provide enhanced services to its clientele.


Intrigued by Getinge’s transformation with ServiceNow CSM? Reach out to our team for all your ServiceNow requirements and watch your business soar to new digital heights.