haelan bright case study

SAT Health stands out as a reputable and accredited entity in the realm of healthcare information and technology services. Their suite of offerings is diverse, catering to the specific needs of the healthcare industry through detailed system analyses, bespoke market research, patient support programs, and the implementation of impactful technological solutions. Their approach is deeply rooted in meticulous data audits and healthcare-focused market research, enabling them to devise strategies that serve a broad spectrum of healthcare stakeholders including pharmaceutical entities, pharmacies, drug wholesalers, medical associations, and governmental bodies. In 2023, SAT Health initiated a venture to launch Haelan, a new brand dedicated to the fusion of technology and outpatient care services, aiming to revolutionize the patient care model.

Our mission was to blend simplicity with healthcare, crafting a digital ecosystem that unifies medical centers, home care, and telehealth services into a singular, accessible platform. This initiative aimed to:

  • Forge a unified system to enhance communication and service requests between clients and medical facilities.
  • Establish and manage comprehensive medical records, enabling instant health monitoring and updates.
  • Integrate and analyze data from various sources for continuous patient health oversight through alerts and reports.

The traditional healthcare model often falls short in delivering personalized and comprehensive care, failing to meet the varied needs of patients. Recognizing this, SAT Health aspired to create a platform grounded in value-based care, focusing on preemptive and preventative health measures rather than a purely reactive healthcare approach. The project faced several obstacles, including:

  • Disjointed and inconsistent appointment scheduling and management.
  • Lack of a unified record of patient and physician interactions.
  • Inability to remotely monitor patient vital signs with the existing infrastructure.

Our team developed a specialized software platform utilizing Splunk and ServiceNow CSM module, designed to cater to the needs of patients, physicians, and medical administrators.

The solution is based on the ServiceNow CSM module and its implemented for interactions with the patient – process management, booking of medical services, creation of medical plans, and remote monitoring of patient vitals. Splunk made possible the integration with medical devices. It contributed to the reporting and analysis of patient vitals, including blood pressure, pulse, oxygen, saturation, ECG, weight, BMI and more.

This platform boasts a variety of features:

  • A service portal for booking and tracking appointments, improving visibility for both patients and providers.
  • A calendar for medical staff showing appointment slots and availability.
  • Compatibility with medical devices for tracking health metrics like heart rate, temperature, and more.
  • Remote monitoring of vital signs, allowing physicians to oversee patient conditions effectively.
  • Documentation of medical examinations for post-consultation analysis and record-keeping.
  • Creation and monitoring of medical plans, facilitating the tracking of treatment adherence and adjustments.
  • Maintenance of detailed patient medical histories and secure sharing of medical documents.
  • Advanced Remote Patient Monitoring: The system’s capability for vital sign tracking enables doctors to monitor patients remotely, ensuring timely and personalized care plans.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Centralized access to medical history, appointments, and documents simplifies the healthcare journey for patients.
  • Streamlined Medical Examinations: Physicians have an efficient means to log examination details and observations, enhancing patient care.
  • Comprehensive Patient Profile Management: Our robust system offers a complete view of a patient’s health narrative, aiding in holistic care planning.
  • Efficient Medical Planning: The platform supports the creation and adjustment of medical plans, promoting effective health management.

Innovating in healthcare transcends technological adoption; it’s about reshaping the delivery and experience of care. Our platform embodies this principle, prioritizing value-based care and marking a significant leap forward in healthcare delivery. As we navigate the evolving healthcare landscape, adopting transformative solutions will be key to enhancing individual and community well-being. By emphasizing simplicity, accessibility, and efficiency, we’ve not only elevated patient outcomes but also the operational prowess of healthcare providers. Our solution’s scalable and sustainable design ensures its adaptability and continued impact in the dynamic field of healthcare. Through leveraging ServiceNow and Splunk, we’ve introduced a paradigm shift in healthcare, combining state-of-the-art technology with a patient-centric approach to bring about operational excellence and significant advancements within a flexible and forward-thinking framework.


If you’re seeking a solution that integrates comprehensive healthcare services with cutting-edge technology, enhancing both patient experience and operational efficiency, contact our team today to revolutionize your healthcare delivery with our personalized solution.