ISACA is an organization that brings together different types of professionals and specialists from various fields and levels of the organizational hierarchy – IT Audit Specialists, Compliance Specialists, Risk Management Specialists and many others.What they do is to help their members be always up to date with the latest innovations in the industry and aware of any exciting and innovative ideas.

ISACA strives to be the connection between different companies and organizations that offer innovative solutions and make these solutions available to its members. Partners of ISACA are welcomed to share valuable experience at the events they organize, whether on-site or as it is now – online.

The BRIGHT team had the pleasure to join one of the first online events of ISACA Sofia Chapter. We had the opportunity to talk about Bright’s Compliance Management and Automation solution, based on the Splunk platform.

During the presentation, we went through some of the compliance challenges, presented what a compliance management solution should look like from the perspective of these challenges, and had a short demonstration of several use cases to show what the solution actually is.

Our Compliance Management and Automation Platform enable security governance capabilities for complex control environments:

  • Continuously measure and demonstrate value from the Security Programs;
  • Evaluate the overall cybersecurity posture of the organization based on industry-recognized security frameworks and standards – CIS 20, ISO 27k, NIST, COBIT;
  • Provide visibility on organizational maturity in the cybersecurity domain;
  • Identify areas of improvements within the IT and Security operational domains.

“It is valuable to monitor the entire compliance system of an organization in real-time. BRIGHT’s solution [Compliance Management and Automation App] can be customized without any effort. As a representative of a company that uses BRIGHT Splunk services, I can assure you that they’re doing great. They manage to do each task without any problems, in terms of various custom controls, custom alarms and reports that we want, and in terms of compliance with SOX.”

– Vladimir Kavalov CISA, President of ISACA Sofia Chapter

You can watch a full recording of the webinar in the video here.