In a series of short articles, we aim to give you an overview of these ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 sessions that inspired our team most. You will be introduced to our point of view on several major topics and products, learn how our experts reflect on them and what is the value for the end customer.

Victor Ershov, ServiceNow Solution Consultant at Bright, dives into the CSM to give us a recap of the ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 Breakout session “Introduction to Customer Service Management”.

We at BRIGHT aim to help organizations connect customer service with other departments of the company to improve service quality, increase productivity, and resolve complex issues end-to-end. ServiceNow Customer Service Management product helps companies empower their customers with fast and personalized self-service, reduce cost, and optimize workflows. Throughout our practice, we became deeply convinced that in a competitive environment, leaders should work proactively to improve processes and services in order to mitigate risk and the negative impact they may have on the customer.


In the “Introduction to Customer Service Management” presentation, Terence Chesire, Sr. Director of Product Management and Jeff Hoffman, Director of Product Management at ServiceNow, made a quick but intense overview of their vision for customer service, how are they delivering on it and what will follow next. If you’ve missed it, you are still able to watch the full presentation on-demand here.

The most important from my perspective was seeing the whole process in action. What can be described as intriguing was the demo of the product. The presenters simulated a streaming service provider and an end-to-end ticket resolving process – from the client’s and the agent’s perspective.

I’ve worked as an agent in customer service when I was younger, and I’ve seen what it’s like for everything to be decentralized. It’s frustrating and confusing to use different systems for the information you need to access or input as an agent. Via Agent Workspace this process is smooth and effortless. Moreover, Predictive Intelligence tends to make the job even easier since there are all kinds of helpful tips integrated. Thus, the challenges for users are lessened and the working life – made happier.


ServiceNow uses machine learning algorithms and AI, to recommend actions, to classify cases, suggest articles and content, and for their chatbot. What can be new for people, hearing the presentation, is the feature allowing chat transcript from third-party websites or platforms (i.e., Facebook), where the communication was initiated, to be transitioned right into the agent workspace if needed. In the demo, you could see an “error/resolved error” banner on the top of the user’s screen that is updated in real-time when there is progress in resolving the issue.


I believe that the ServiceNow Customer Service Management product carries out the mission of the company to create a seamless customer experience from issue to resolution with connected digital workflows. End clients could benefit from the cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, that are cost-effective and could save them a lot of time and effort. And their vision for the future is even more exciting with the loads of new, helpful gadgets they intend to integrate.

In the meantime, the news is already happening as ServiceNow and Adobe announced a partnership integration. From the beginning of this week, users can connect data from Adobe Experience Platform and ServiceNow’s CSM workflow product.

Connecting ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management with Adobe Experience Platform provides a more complete understanding of the customer and the ability to deliver enhanced customer services. The feature improves the personalization of customer experiences and offers greater access to vital customer information, helping companies build stronger relationships with them. You can learn more about the integration here.

We at Bright agree with the Senior Vice President of Customer Workflows at ServiceNow, Farrell Hope, who said that customer service teams today face unprecedented levels of inquiries, which required transition to end‑to‑end, multi-channel customer service solutions that give a complete view of each customer.

Our team will be happy to discuss your Customer Service Management initiatives and help your organization move towards the CSM of the future. Contact us and have a conversation with our experts.