How does BRIGHT reimagine the ServiceNow translations to empower global teams and enhance employee productivity?

We answered that question in our Now at Work 20 session, where Assia Marinova, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at BRIGHT and Bozhidar Dimitrov – Senior Solution Architect, discussed the challenges of global service management implementations and how we can effectively localise the ServiceNow Platform and 100% of its content to support global teams’ requirements.

This year, ServiceNow’s annual Now at Work conference took the form of a one-day, free digital experience, making the content available for people all around the globe. BRIGHT joined a great line-up of speakers that shared valuable insights into how to make the world of work, work better.

During the last 15 years, we at BRIGHT have worked on a number of global service management implementations where we stumbled upon dynamic localization in multiple languages as a showstopper for global teams’ collaboration. Manual ServiceNow translations of new languages can take up to 14 days. And then there is the challenge of how to maintain these translations in the long run, especially for the content created by the users.

For example, without dynamic translations and the ability to see the portal in their native language, users in one country could not communicate freely with users in another country and collaborate on resolving incidents, service requests, knowledge articles, procedures, etc.

At Now at Work 2020 we were excited to introduce a new app enabling global translations in the ServiceNow platform to translate any content in any language. With Locawise, all content created by the users is translated dynamically in more than 100 languages with just a couple of minutes of configuration, saving time and effort in manual translation.

In a short demo, following a specific use-case scenario, Bozhidar showed the audience how we can effectively localize the ServiceNow Platform and 100% of its content to support global teams’ requirements.

If you are interested in our solution, we’ll be happy to share more of our experience and discuss your translation initiatives with a personalized demo. You can request the app or a free 30-day trial from the ServiceNow Store.