As the data your organization aggregates grow, the flexibility and speed of its processing start to diminish. Utilization and visualization of large amounts of raw data are challenging and time-consuming. The costs for ingesting the increasing volume of data into the data platform can skyrocket and become a showstopper for implementing meaningful uses cases.At BRIGHT we often see companies struggle with efficient data processing especially with a large volume of data involved. The challenge in front of them is to find a flexible and cost-effective way to store and visualize the growing amount of data and utilize the full potential of the adopted technologies.

In response, our Splunk team created the MongoDB Connector for Splunk as a simple efficient solution to speed up and optimize the resources for data processing into Splunk and ensure high performance.

The Splunk for MongoDB Connectors can address the following situations:

  • Companies that have a large amount of structured and unstructured data and look for a proper way to store this data, distribute it across the enterprise and connect it to a monitoring system. There is a need for real-time monitoring and a flexible solution that aggregates and filters out data, ensuring enterprise-wide data delivery;
  • Organizations that have already adopted MongoDB and Splunk technologies but are looking to make a seamless connection between them. They usually identify the problem themselves, rooting in a large amount of data and struggling to process it;
  • Companies using Splunk, in a need of database where their data to be stored and ingested from. They are usually looking for a solution that will not overload the current infrastructure and increase data volume costs. They need a single place to manage and distribute data from
  • Organizations that store their data in MongoDB but are looking for a way to easily visualize and monitor this data quickly and effortlessly turn it into valuable information. They could benefit from real-time data visibility and real-time stream processing via Splunk.

As an answer to those pains and the increasing need for a flexible solution to ensure optimal data management, Bright is introducing Splongo – a Certified MongoDB Connector for Splunk.

The Splunk application offers modular inputs for loading raw data from MongoDB collections directly into Splunk, ensuring full visibility and real-time monitoring. These modular inputs run on a specified interval, and due to its multithreading approach, the app can ingest significant amounts of data quickly and efficiently.
The app provides useful and essential features like flexible payload filtering for the crucial data and noting redundant, check-pointing mechanism for ingesting missed runs, and multithreading for an impressive performance increase.

The MongoDB Connector for Splunk allows professionals to distribute insights to multiple destinations without great effort and with high performance and flexibility.