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Locawise is a certified ServiceNow translation app by BRIGHT


Translate any content in any language with
minimum manual effort.

Locawise is an innovative ServiceNow translation application, providing platform and custom content coverage in 100+ languages. The app ensures fully automated ServiceNow language translation of the entire portal, reducing the manual effort. It enables stakeholders to suggest, approve, and manage translations with ease while saving time.

Than 100

Choose as many languages as you need –
they are all available in the application.

Locawise goes beyond default ServiceNow language translation capabilities. It provides additional benefits for the organization and ensures unlimited language support. All that with just a couple of minutes of configuration.


Get your knowledge articles, procedures
and any other custom content localized.

Ensure enhanced dynamic ServiceNow translation of custom content without limitations. Locawise app allows you to focus on valuable use cases and introduce new languages faster. What’s more, it makes the onboarding of users in a new location easier, improving governance.


Get your changed or new content translated at the time of publishing.

You don’t need another click to translate every phrase. Locawise translates every text simultaneously, right in front of you. BRIGHT ServiceNow translation app gives all ServiceNow translated texts a native look, ensuring a seamless user experience and global teams accessibility.


Intuitive and easy to configure with a
user-friendly NOW interface.

You don’t need technical experience or coding skills to use our app. Locawise is a certified ServiceNow translation application. It is available for download in the ServiceNow Store with a 30-day free trial.

“As an ISV, we often need to translate our products to different languages.
This tool provides an effective and flexible solution for your translation related problems.
You can spare a lot of time using it.”

Tamás Holics from STA Consulting Kft

Make your
colleagues feel at home

Try Locawise. Request a demo today.

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