BRIGHT partners with companies in their automation initiatives by delivering end-to-end integration solutions with a proven implementation approach focused on:

  • Assessment of automation initiatives’ business goals and requirements to recommend the most practical and flexible solution;
  • Review of current processes to simplify and automate business processes to the greatest extent possible;
  • Architecture and design of generic interface with a goal to meet complex integration requirements;
  • Ease of maintenance and ability to connect to multiple applications in the long run;
  • Less time, effort and cost for implementation.

Thanks to a personalized algorithm, we at BRIGHT choose the integration approach individually for each client. Thus, we can be sure that our expertise will be applied to the needs and goals of the organization in the best way possible.

Integration technologies

BRIGHT automation team has capabilities to deliver complex integration solutions with the leading application integration and orchestration technologies on the market.

Our experts can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Some of the enterprise technologies we specialize in are TIBCO product stack, BPM, Microsoft Logic Apps, ServiceNow Task Integration Application, Microsoft System Center Orchestration, BMC Atrium Orchestrator and others.

Enterprise integration solutions

BRIGHT professionals partner with our clients’ teams to assess the infrastructure and find the best solution for any individual case.

In simpler cases between two systems, a Point-To-Point integration could be made. However, this is not always recommended. Usually, the number of systems in the organization grows in time and the overall solution becomes more and more difficult to manage. In more common, complex scenarios, our integration approach incorporates middleware solutions, including SOA and Microservices, as well as our expertise in TIBCO products (TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, TIBCO Business Events, TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO Hawk, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM, TIBCO Administrator) and Microsoft Logic Apps.

Our experience has been gained through projects of various scales, involving multi-national companies from the Telecom and Financial industries, IaaS companies, and many more.

Benefits For Your Business

Our Technology Expertise

Bright technology teams use innovative technologies and best practices to deliver complex solutions. Based on the organization’s preferences and setup, Bright can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Through focused partnerships with leading software vendors, we make your projects a success.

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