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Often, organisations who implement Splunk don’t use the full capacities of the platform and leverage their investment efficiently. They might simply be unaware of how to use Splunk efficiently or not have the right in-house expertise to drive the desired results. Data is often dispersed across multiple applications and systems, which results in a lack of transparency and slows down the decision-making process. 

The most successful IT transformation programs we deliver start with an important first step – assessment of your business objectives and current state of your organisation, plus the definition of a target state based on desired business outcomes.  As an official Splunk partner we can help regardless of where you are in your Splunk journey – whether you’re just getting started, or are already an experienced user.

We have a team of 20+ Splunk-certified consultants, who will work side by side with you to unlock the value of Splunk. As the first recognized Splunk Professional Services Capability Practice for EMEA, we have enabled multinational enterprises like Mondelez, Paysafe, and A1 (part of TAG) to tackle their most pressing business challenges – and we can sure do the same for you.

We offer services, complementing the whole life cycle of deploying and adopting the Splunk platform:

  • Assessment, business analysis and consulting;
  • Implementation and integration of the Splunk Platform;
  • Managed services, ongoing support, proactive monitoring, custom apps development and training

Splunk Areas of Expertise

Splunk Advisory & Consulting Services

Splunk Implementation & Integration Services

Splunk Managed Services and Support

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Splunk Certified Partner

Splunk Areas of Expertise

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Splunk Advisory & Consulting Services

Splunk Implementation & Integration Services

We will help you implement Splunk into your business the right way. Benefit from our Splunk team’s strategic expertise in IT service intelligence (ITSI), enterprise security, cloud migration, SIEM & SOAR implementation. Make the most of your Splunk investment, right from the start.

Splunk Competence Center

To enable you to get the most out of Splunk, first, we’ll analyse your needs and objectives, identify gaps and opportunities, define the desired state you’d like to achieve, and create a roadmap for your Splunk transformation. Then, we’ll implement the Splunk platform for you and train your teams on how to make the most of it, continuously.

We have a dedicated Splunk competence centre built in strategic partnership with Splunk Professional Services. We are a Splunk Elite Partner and one of the fastest-growing Splunk professional service practices in Europe and the region. Our 20+ certified Splunk consultants with international project experience have specialization in:

  • IT Operations;
  • Security;
  • Advanced Business Analytics.

Our BRIGHT Splunk Experts team include:

  • Splunk Certified Consultants;
  • Splunk Certified Architects;
  • Splunk Certified Data Admins;
  • Splunk Senior Engineers;
  • Splunk Cyber Security Consultants;
  • Senior Solution Consultants;
  • Splunk Security Architect;
  • Splunk Security Implementation Managers;
  • Splunk Technical Implementation Manager.


Custom Apps Capabilities

As Spunk Elite Partner, we build innovative applications, rest API’s, and connectors based on customer-specific processes. In case you are looking to address complex integration and/or business requirements, do not hesitate to get in touch.
Discover more about our applications here.


We provide training as an essential part of our end-to-end service approach. Our Splunk training services are tailored to the specific use case and delivered by accredited BRIGHT trainers who bring in hands-on project experience. We focus on applying Splunk best practices to each participant organization via individual case study development and advisory support.

Splunk Managed Services & Support

Focus on getting the most out of your Splunk implementation instead of running it. Extract Splunk’s full operational value with the help of our team of Splunk-certified consultants. With BRIGHT’s managed Splunk services, you get industry-leading Splunk expertise at your fingertips for a fully customised approach to your business needs.

Splunk Operational Monitoring & Application Support

We provide you with proactive monitoring of the Splunk environment and proactive notifications for identified problems. Our Splunk operational maintenance services also include:

  • Troubleshooting;
  • Eliminating defects in customizations;
  • Eliminating defects in custom integration interfaces;
  • Application modules configuration.


Splunk Post-Implementation Support & Content Development

Focus on getting the most of your Splunk and extract maximum value, while you enjoy our onboarding, post-implementation support services, which include:

  • Data analysis and normalization of new or existing data sources in Splunk;
  • Reporting services;
  • User management;
  • Consultations;
  • Use case life cycle management;
  • Remediation and response.

Outcomes for you

Splunk Certified Partner

We invest generously in technology specialization and trainings.
Our teams are among the most qualified Splunk experts in Europe with over
60 Splunk certifications.
We are one of very few Splunk PS Practice certified.