From Data to Value Now

The winners of the future will be those companies who manage to adapt their talent strategy, core value processes and culture to leverage Machine Learning efficiently. So how can we speed up and simplify AI adoption?

Automated Machine Learning empowers your team to drive better business outcomes faster, eliminating challenges like:

  • Lack of skilled data scientists;
  • The complexity of the ML model building;
  • Business users’ accessibility to prediction insights;
  • Large investments, and more.

DataRobot is the only trusted AI platform that automates every step of the journey from data to value. You can create, operate and consume AI to answer critical business questions without the complexity.

Empowering AI-driven Enterprises

As an official DataRobot Partner, BRIGHT empowers organizations to simplify Machine Learning projects and identify the challenges that AI can successfully solve.

Together with DataRobot, we bridge the gap between human and artificial intelligence, giving the power of data science in the hands of non data scientists.

Through BRIGHT’s 15+ of experience working with data and DataRobot’s platform, we speed up and simplify Machine Learning projects to bring business impact through AI.

Simplify Machine Learning

Automated Machine Learning models building and explainable AI – speed up the creation, testing, and tuning of machine learning and deep learning models.

DataRobot eliminates the main AI barriers – expertise, time, trust and scale. It automates all the complex data science tasks so you can focus more on the business problem by doing work in hours instead of weeks.

  • Build innovative prediction models from diverse types of data.
  • Accelerate every step of the journey from data to value.
  • Built cost-efficient AI and drive ROI faster without the need of data scientists.
  • Deliver AI at scale. Solve the most pressing business problems across all organizational units.
  • Get clear and concise explanations for the produced predictions.
  • Make Machine Learning accessible and working for all user types.

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Automate Complex Data Science Tasks

DataRobot MLOps provide a single environment for all your production models. Consolidate your AI infrastructure, analyze accuracy trends and understand feature drift to take corrective actions if needed.

DataRobot automates every step needed to build, deploy, and govern powerful AI.

  • Manage the lifecycle of all ML models across the enterprise with ease.
  • Monitor and understand service health in real-time to react on time.
  • Ensure compliance with customizable governance policies and review and approval workflows.
  • Own your AI – Keep your IP and avoid vendor lock-in.

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Make AI Accessible to All

Consume predictions, optimize outcomes, and support critical decisions with high-value AI Apps.

DataRobot gives the transformational power of AI into the hands of the decision-makers. All key stakeholders can collaborate in extracting business value from data.

  • Don’t miss significant opportunities. Control and consume the output of predictive models to drive better business results.
  • Interact with predictive insights and make informed business decisions faster without writing a single line of code.
  • Track and understand the realized value of your AI apps in production.
  • Realize ROI today by fully operational predictions.

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You can experience the DataRobot platform yourself by requesting a free trial. Discover more at or their YouTube channel.
Our team will be happy to connect and share experience around your data-driven initiatives and how to utilize the power of Machine Learning.

Benefits For Your Business

Our Technology Expertise

Bright technology teams use innovative technologies and best practices to deliver complex solutions. Based on the organization’s preferences and setup, Bright can recommend the most appropriate platform and technology for delivering the required capabilities and business goals. Through focused partnerships with leading software vendors, we make your projects a success.

DataRobot Enterprise

As the category creator and leading provider of automated machine learning, DataRobot automates and accelerates every step of your path from data to value.

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