IT Service Intelligence and Event Management

Unreliable service performance, service outages and ineffective troubleshooting are one of the challenges that IT meets when trying to ensure seamless services to internal and external users. Analyzing performance issues quickly and with ease as well as the ability to adequately identify service abnormalities is now crucial for all businesses.

Today, we can leverage the power of predictive intelligence to correlate events in real-time, automate incident prioritization and produce actionable alerts. BRIGHT will help you with the assessment, design and architecture of IT Service Intelligence solution on a single event management console, integrated with your ITSM and orchestration tools.

  • Accelerate root cause analysis;
  • Reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR);
  • Consolidate events from various monitoring tools;
  • Improve service availability.

High-Performing Services with AIOps

AIOps driven IT business service health eliminates the noise, improves prioritization and identification of root cause, and remediates efficiently.

The Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations ensures visibility and agility through automation, enabling the business to:

  • Predict future incidents using machine learning algorithms and historical service health scores.
  • Gain full visibility across organizational infrastructure;
  • Assess the impact of operations and services;
  • Mitigate vulnerabilities and risk while reducing cost.

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