virtusa aquired bright

In a strategic move that significantly bolsters its portfolio of business solutions, Virtusa Corporation has announced the acquisition of BRIGHT, marking a pivotal expansion of its European footprint. This union sets a robust foundation for delivering advanced ServiceNow solutions and cements Virtusa’s presence as a heavyweight in the digital engineering and IT services space.

The industry is abuzz with the news of Virtusa Corporation, a renowned leader in digital strategy and engineering services, acquiring BRIGHT, a top-tier partner to ServiceNow & Splunk in the EMEA region. This move heralds a new era for clients seeking innovative, end-to-end digital transformation strategies.

BRIGHT’s distinguished team of experts and their substantial contributions in fields such as digitalization, security, observability, SecOps, and AI & ML analytics have consistently steered enterprise transformations for prominent global corporations. The integration of their comprehensive delivery approach—encompassing consultation, design, implementation, and ongoing improvement—ensures that our solutions transcend mere features, delivering impeccably tailored digital experiences.

Virtusa’s CEO Santosh Thomas and Erica Volini, SVP of Global Partnerships & Channels at ServiceNow, echo a mutual enthusiasm for the expanded European market reach and elevated partnership. The synergy resonates with a shared dedication to serving as an intrinsic extension of client teams, accentuating innovation, and cementing an enduring commitment to digital excellence.

The harmonious alignment between Virtusa and BRIGHT promises clients maximized returns on their ServiceNow and Splunk investments. Grounded in Virtusa’s Engineering First principles, clients are poised to benefit from strategically leveraged technology to resolve their most challenging business issues and achieve daring transformations.

For BRIGHT, the quest for a strategic ally to catalyze growth in Europe culminated in this venture with Virtusa. Angel Kanchev, BRIGHT’s CEO and Founding Partner, affirms shared values in innovation and a reputation for delivering superior solutions. Kanchev anticipates creating a significant and positive impact on customer businesses through this partnership.

Virtusa’s assimilation of BRIGHT is set to enhance its service offerings, fortifying a formidable presence in ServiceNow and Splunk competencies, particularly in Europe. This move enables Virtusa to marry BRIGHT’s legacy transformation expertise and innovative solutions with its own commitment to domain-centric offerings, laying the groundwork for leading-edge, client-focused solutions.

While the financial particulars remain confidential, the industry is keenly observing as two of its titans converge, setting the stage for unparalleled service delivery in the digital solutions arena.

BRIGHT, the IT dynamo driving innovation and efficiency throughout Europe, boasts a rich legacy of spurring digital and automation initiatives across noteworthy enterprises. The company thrives on fostering close ties with clients, understanding their unique needs, and devising a path to seamless digital integration from start to finish. BRIGHT’s partnerships with ServiceNow and Splunk have been instrumental in realizing our vision of robust solutions that stand the tests of access and resilience.

Virtusa Corporation is no stranger to the industry, with a storied history as a global facilitator of digital strategies, engineering solutions, and IT excellence. The company’s acquisition of BRIGHT is yet another testament to its unwavering pursuit of service perfection, innovative problem-solving, and a relentless drive to deliver enduring value to the marketplace.

In line with our professional and approachable ethos, Virtusa and BRIGHT together aspire to continuously enrich the service experience for our current and future clientele. As we embark on this novel chapter, our combined force will be a beacon of light: illuminating the path for enterprises eager to embark on their transformative digital journeys.

Join us as we welcome the exciting prospects that stem from the symbiosis of Virtusa’s global strategy insight and BRIGHT’s regional prowess. In an ever-evolving digital landscape, this acquisition does not merely signal growth but represents a steadfast commitment to delivering excellence to each client that entrusts us with their vision.

To learn more about the impact of the Virtusa Acquisition and the BRIGHT Partnership, including ServiceNow Solutions tailored to your needs, visit our website. Stay abreast of how we’re innovating and optimizing strategies for success in the digital space. The future looks bright, indeed.