Our home received an award for its professional construction,
creative design, and remarkable functionality.

The annual Architects and Builders Gala, organized by the non-profit Balkan Media Association, took place at the end of June at the Marinela Hotel in Sofia. During the ball, Invest Build Awards 2020 were handed out.

The jury of the awards included internationally recognized experts in civil engineering and architecture, as well as architecture and design journalists.

The award in the “Art Construction, Architecture, and Design” category was presented to Viktor Banarev from MoVe Architects for BRIGHT’s new office in Sofia.

This award embodies the creativity of both teams, and we are grateful to our partners who invested all of their passion and professionalism in this project.

The project itself took five months and was completed at the end of 2019. Its design represents the collaboration between nature and urban work life, incorporating Bright identity colors. The office is separated into five areas – reception area, working open space, meeting rooms, informal meeting areas, and relaxing spaces. They all represent our values and bright ideas on how the working process shall be done in an inspiring atmosphere. Natural accents like the white concrete exposed ceiling, wooden beams as lighting fixtures, green walls, and others take us closer to nature.

BRIGHT’s new office was designed as space, where each member of the team could feel at home, work with joy, connect with like-minded people, and make an impact. And that is exactly what we do.