In a series of short articles, we aim to give you an overview of these ServiceNow Knowledge 2020 sessions that inspired our team most. You will be introduced to our point of view on several major topics and products, learn how our experts reflect on them and what is the value for the end customer.

Kristian Dimitrov, ServiceNow Solution Architect at Bright, shares with us what are the advantages of the ServiceNow App Engine and how organizations that have adopted the ServiceNow platform could benefit from custom workflow apps.


We at BRIGHT care to understand our clients’ businesses and what they would like to achieve. With our experience from over 20,000 hours of ServiceNow consulting, 20+ certified ServiceNow consultants, and more than 100 ServiceNow & ITIL accreditations, we partner with our clients’ teams to assess their pain points and find the best solution for any individual case.

By using ServiceNow in the process of digital transformation, we can build solutions that work the way we want, easing the exact pains our customers have. The platform empowers our team of ServiceNow experts to personalize the service delivery approach, allowing us to be flexible and creative in finding the right solutions. Using the ServiceNow App Engine, we can easily create new workflow apps, right when they’re needed.

This was one of the main questions answered by Josh Kahn, VP and GM of Platform Business Unit at ServiceNow in his session “Create new workflow apps fast when your business needs them most”. We were introduced to ServiceNow Engine and how it can empower professionals to reimagine their processes into digital workflows on a single platform.

Digital workflows are the secret to organizational velocity and digital transformation success. They allow us to evaluate existing risks and identify opportunities to optimize and automate business processes over time. Experts today should encourage clients and partners to seek digital workflow opportunities in their business-critical processes. By forgetting emails and spreadsheets, routed around the staff, organizations could quickly adapt their procedures, personalizing the experience, and reducing cost and resources.

Several companies were showcased in the presentation as a recent example of building applications when they are most needed – as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. The Now Engine enables professionals like us to create working apps in a matter of hours. It is a powerful tool, but to be useful, it must be supported by extensive experience and high expertise. It is for this reason that our team is united around the idea of an adaptive end-to-end approach to service delivery, focusing on consulting and advisory when providing services to our customers.

ServiceNow can enhance, optimize, and automate the processes that we are running by providing tools such as:

  • Flow Designer – to build new no-code workflow apps;
  • Integration Hub – to connect our systems;
  • Studio IDE – a powerful environment where we can build, deploy, and manage our applications;
  • The new Mobile Studio – to build the mobile apps that our business needs.

Those features are already introduced in our practice at Bright as we see the potential to address issues with a personal, customized approach and target each pain point with the best solution. A recent example of my work is the creation of Legal Service Management Application. Using the ServiceNow Studio, we were able to develop and manage our application quickly and efficiently, optimizing the effort in man-hours. I can also see the increasing use of the Flow Designer, consolidating the automation capabilities in a single place so that non-technical users can understand it.

You can still watch the keynote session on-demand here and learn more about how the Now Engine powers professionals to create workflow apps fast in the new normal.